Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I luv my hippo!!
Omgosh! Its been forever since I blogged and I promise to try my besties to keep on truckin! I just get so sidetracked by...Oh whats that!? Shiny! Just kiddin! So let me catches u up on my life! First off, I found my forever family <3 My mom and dad jus got married the other night! And yours truly did the wedding setup :)) It was soooooo much fun! My mom is Brigitte Galacia and my Daddy is Deimos Endrizzi! I have two of the COOLEST sissy's ever, Nara and Alannah <3 I couldn't be any happier! Our parents just got us a big piece of land and we have the most beautifulist house ever!! I'm postin pics cuz I'm waitin on my nails to dry!


Listen to tunes in my room :))

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