Wednesday, July 14, 2010

At... C-A-M-P!!

Man.. I am SOOOOOOOOOO slows at Bloggin.. and Plurkin... what is goin on with me?! Oh thats right! I jus got back from RL vaca and Im still recoupin lol. But, I'm in my 4th day of CAMP and haven't shared ANY pictures yet!!!! Or stories! OHMYGOODNESS.. Im the worst bloggin 8 year old out there! :O

For starters, camp RAWKS.. i mean seriously!!! I'm in Cabin 4, we're the Surfer Girls and I couldn't be ANYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY happier!!!! I mean its just awesome possum to the max times pie square route of 4! I'm postin some picy's of my campbunk that I'm IN LUV with!! More comin later, I promise!!!!!

Huggles, Aimee

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My store!!

Hey guys!! Aimee here again but you knew that already :P About 6 months ago, I opened a store but had to take a little break from it! But.. today I posted things up on XSTREET!! So, feel free to check it out and if there's somethin you missed or want to ask me abouts, IM me!!!

                                                                                    Huggles, Aimee!
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